Creative Role Play


We create unique,vibrant and versatile spaces that provide the core elements for development through free play and discovery. Equipment and apparatus is selected or manufactured specifically to suit the space, the age and stages of development of the children and the requirements of the staff and curriculum.
Creative Role Play shapes children. We are the facilitators

Themed Play

Walk-in-Sand Pits, Splash Pools & Scramble Rocks Re-create days out at the seaside

Themed Play is an excellent way to learn.The children just need one or two props to make the best of their space and to fire the imagination.
Children do not outgrow these spaces


Small Spaces

Dens, Huts, Tunnels & Teepes Create hideaways for individuals and small groups

Children love the closeness, comfort and proportions of small spaces.
Somewhere they can act out their own games and roles; places specially sized for them

Traditional Play

Slides, Nets, Ramps, Towers, Fireman's Poles.
As conventional play frames or built into embankments and other structures.
Children love to be active and challenged. Traditional Play equipment and safety surfacing remain central features of the playground.
Incorporated into a landscaped space it becomes much more integrated and relevant. Children will learn to use the apparatus as part of a wider game so they are less likely to become bored by the "same old"...